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      Lifting Equipment Shop Equipment


      Jiaxing Lituo Machinery Co., Ltd.

      Jiaxing Lituo Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the golden section of Haiyan, which is one kilometer north of Hangzhou Bay Bridge and between Shanghai and Hangzhou and Suzhou and Ningbo. Haiyan is located in Hangzhou Bay in the south, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway in the north, and Zhapu Port in the east. The transportation is very convenient and it is a gathering place for businessmen.

      Since the establishment of the company, it has been dedicated to the R&D and manufacturing of lifting equipment tools. The main products are screw jacks, vertical double-mercury hydraulic jacks, and starting machines. Now it has become a modern enterprise that has begun to take shape. The series of lifting machinery produced by our company has reached the advanced level in the same industry, and the products have a considerable market share in China. Once the product is sold, life-long tracking service, all for the sake of customers. Winning with quality, honesty is our aim! Products are sold to all provinces, cities and autonomous regions. Domestic sales network is complete and dedicated to provide our customers with first-class service. Our company upholds the principle of good faith, starting from the professional spirit and technology, to provide customers with the best quality products and best services, so that my company's healthy growth and development, sustainable management philosophy and goals.



      Address: No. 158, Jingxing 1st Road, Caoqiao Street, Pinghu, Zhejiang.

      Contact: Steven

      E-mail: sales@lituojx.com

      Mobile: +86 18151595836

      Web: www.cattsc.com

      +86 (573) 85961158 Hotline Contact us
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