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      Safety and civilization review materials: safety technical requirements for jacks?

      category:Industry news │ editor:admin | date:2018-03-27 

      Safety technical requirements for jacks? Basis: safety technical specification for hoisting and hoisting of building construction jgj276-2012.

      1, unpick and wash before and after using, and does not conform to the requirements of damaged parts should be replaced, should check whether the ministries accessories operating flexible after installed, the hydraulic jack also should check valve, piston, cup is in good condition, the oil is clean, consistency is in line with the requirements, if in the case of negative temperature when using, the oil should be the same thick, not frozen.

      2. Selection of jacks should meet the following requirements:

      1) the weight of the jack shall be greater than the weight of the lifting component, and the lifting height shall meet the requirements. The minimum height shall be adjusted to the installation clearance.

      2) when using multiple jacks, the same type of jack shall be used. The rated weight of each platform shall not be less than 1.2 times the weight of the Shared component.

      3. The jacks should be placed on a flat, solid ground. The base should be made of sleeper or steel plate to increase the pressure area to prevent the jacking or slanting. When contact with the smooth surface of the uplift component, the hardwood should be added to prevent slipping.

      4. The roof must be a solid part, and the load transfer center should be consistent with the axis of the jack, and the load deflection is strictly prohibited.

      5, jack-up, should first stop after slight jacking, check one thousand jins DingCheng force, foundation, stow-wood, sleepers crib is normal, if there is any abnormal or jack askew, should be timely treatment rear can continue to work.

      6, in the process of starting, shall not be arbitrarily extended jack handle hard pressure or strong, every time a jack-up height shall not exceed the signs on the piston, screw and jack-up height shall not exceed 3/4 of the piston rod thread or total height.

      7. After the roof of the building is up, it shall follow the sleeper and add temporary blocks. The distance between the short blocks and the components shall be kept within 50mm at any time, and the jack shall suddenly be dumped or returned to oil.

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