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      Class: the correct use of the jacks is here!

      category:Industry news │ editor:admin | date:2018-03-27 

      Spare tire is an important part of the car, and replacement of the necessary jack is the important spare parts. In reality, many of the car owners don't know how to use the jacks properly, nor do they know that using a jack in the wrong place will cause a lot of damage to the vehicle. Today, we are going to give you some advice on how to use the jacks to protect your car from damage.

      The car jack cannot be used on the cart.

      The type of jack can be divided into rack jacks, screw jacks, hydraulic jacks and inflatable jacks. The jacks are more commonly used in the jacks, because they are light, small and easy to store. But because the weight of support is limited, each manufacturer is usually equipped with a domestic car weighing about 1 ton. Each manufacturer will be equipped with a suitable jack according to the vehicle's own weight. The general car is equipped with a jacking load of 1.5 tons, and because the suv has a large self-weight, its jacks are usually about 2.5 tons. As a result, large vehicles must not use the jacks of small cars to avoid potential safety hazards in the maintenance of vehicles. So once appeared in the process of vehicles on the road to change a tire, and own car jack is not in the car, we can turn to the same model of vehicles to use jack for timely replacement spare tire.

      Now popular a kind of pneumatic jack in the road lovers, it makes use of the vehicle exhaust gas inflatable bag, generally the maximum support the weight of such a jack in the 4 tons, suitable conditions more disasters relief or suv self-help and save themselves.

      You must stop the vehicle before using the jack.

      If the vehicle is not fully fixed before using the jacks, it is likely that the vehicle sliding will cause a slip during the support process. Once the car has slipped from the jack, the damage to the tool is minor, and if the person who repairs the car is injured, then it will be lost. Therefore, when parking the car, the gear should be attached to one gear, and the automatic transmission should be paid attention to the gear on the P file. In addition, jack must be on a hard flat road use, if the conditions are harsh, is relatively soft ground, such as mud or sand road, before using jack suggest using wood or SLATE mat under the jack again, decrease the pressure, to prevent fall into the soft ground jack.

      Incorrect support points will damage the chassis.

      Many car friends have never used or changed their spare tire in person, and have not read the instructions in the vehicle manual about the use of jacks and support points.

      Has supported jack special support at the bottom of the car body, family car's strong point is usually on the edge of the side skirt inside, like two wings on either side of the chassis, behind the front wheel around 20 cm, 20 cm in the front of the rear wheel. This fin is prominent on the chassis plate and can withstand greater pressure. If the jacks are mounted on the steel plate of the chassis, it is likely to cause unnecessary damage to the chassis. In addition, it is also incorrect to support the hanging lower arm, which will damage the chassis and jack if the vehicle falls off.

      A lot of family car jack rocker arm is fission structure, need to form a complete set of wrench and rotate after the casing connection, so in the process of lifting jack, the strength should be uniform, avoid by all means is too fast or too hard.

      As for the use of the car, we should not be too lazy to read the instruction manual, which can teach us a lot about the correct use of vehicles. Stay tuned for more information.

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