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      Xinxiang city jacks rescue elder brother became the media red man.

      category:Industry news │ editor:admin | date:2018-03-27 

      These two days, China central television, the People's Daily, the national each big media, such as the surging news reported weihui municipal bao-ning wang "jack save elder brother", local people are in dinner praise around the civilian "hero".

      On March 12, in baidu search input after this news related to word, page immediately according to the national each big media, website, for the weihui municipal man bao-ning wang and warm-hearted citizens carry car save students news reports.

      On March 9, a student was crushed under a car in the western section of the construction road of weihui city, henan province. After the accident, wang baoning, the owner of a nearby car repair shop, rushed to the scene and found a student who had been pushed to the bottom of the car and quickly took a lift to rescue him.

      Because the jack was so limited, he couldn't pull the injured out of the car. A crowd of onlookers saw the car lift up with wang baoing, rescued the injured from the bottom of the car, and put it into the 120 ambulance.

      After the incident, the local government official micro blog reported the incident first time. The rescue has warmed the entire city and started to spread across the country, which has been heard by numerous media outlets across the country.

      On March 10, the People's Daily, surging news, tencent, sohu, sina, today's news headlines are to report and forward of the matter, the media has been WeiHui became the focus of attention. On the morning of March 11, CCTV, henan TV station and the mainstream media of xinxiang came to weihui city to conduct live interviews with wang baining.

      "It happened right around the corner, and I have the tools here, and it's what anyone would do. There were a lot of enthusiastic people to help me with the car, and I didn't do anything! Wang said he just did what ordinary people should do.

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